About Us

About us: An overview

We are a professional services firm having our offices in Kolkata, Jamshedpur, Bengaluru and NCR and offices of our associate partners across India.

Our Mission

"Empowering Innovation, Inspiring Change: Shaping a Better Tomorrow."

Why Choose Us
We provide dedicated project management support to ensure meeting tight deadlines & early identification and resolution of potential issues.
Our quality of service is at par with large international accounting firms coupled with competitive pricing to provide maximum value to our clients.
We bring our rich practical experience, in-depth subject knowledge and business savvy approach that can be critical to your success.

Mr. Nesarul Mustafa

FCA | B.COM (Hons)

Mr. Ram Gopal Singal

FCA | B.COM (Hons)

Mr. Faizan Sattar

ACA | ACMA | B.COM (Hons)

Mr. Subhayu Sanyal

ACA | B.COM (Hons)

Mr. Ashajyoti Ghose

ACA | B.COM (Hons)